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初步睇完謝謝。 少少讀書報告….


MHCLG’s Hong Kong UK Welcome Programme – Summary
Targeted support funds (ESOL and destitution – England only) 成人教育
Strategic Migration Partnerships (SMPs) and VCSE (UK funding)
Hong Kong BN(O) arrivals (UK wide)
Integration – what’s worked before

Policy specific issues 英文同成人教育補助要住滿三年
No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) (UK wide), 解釋左好多野。重點都係 句1。不妨睇晒d QnA。
Proof of status (UK wide)
Housing (England only)
Employment (UK wide) 可以俾僱主睇,含上面條link
Education (England only) 有講解吓大學學費情況
Health care (UK wide)
Hate crime (England only) 重提當年老華橋貢獻, 句2
Security (UK-wide) 都係重覆方針,好似無乜好具體嘅野
Resources 擺左好多settlement嘅網同資料


1. The Government is making a generous offer to BN(O) status holders and their family members, who in turn will be expected to be self-sufficient and contribute to UK society.

2. The British-Chinese and British-Hong Kong diaspora has made a huge contribution to this country over many decades. They are hugely valued and like other communities should never be subject to prejudice and discrimination of any kind.

不能盡錄… 都真係值得成份睇晒嘅,一齊睇啦無咁悶