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Diana Lai

謝謝 ,這方法應該ok,但係做完後download app,竟然出咗”account not in this store, Your account is not valid for use in the UK store. You must switch to the Hong Kong store before purchasing. “

咁我再 check Country/region, 佢仍然係Hong Kong, 我諗係我改時要再入card和address資料,我未有UK debit card,因為仍在等住地證明,入了香港的card,所以改唔到。

另外,sign out 後,手機上的Notes 冇曬,再sign in 又出嚟,sign out 又冇曬。又話我disable咗 Find my iPhone 功能,但我check咗,明明係有tick這功能的。